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Adobe Presenter: Create an Adobe Presentation

To access Adobe Presenter, first open Microsoft PowerPoint. Once in PowerPoint, you can see the Adobe Presenter pull down menu.

Add a Presenter Profile

To assign a presenter for a slide or an entire slide, you need to add a Presenter profile to Adobe Presenter first.

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation (PPT file).
  2. From the Adobe Presenter menu, select Preference.
  3. Select the Presenter tab and click Add.
  4. Enter the name of the new presenter (this is the only item you must provide to create a new presenter profile).
  5. Next to the Photo text box, click Browse to navigate to an image file in JPEG or PNG format (The recommended size is 88x118 pixels).
  6. Click OK, and then click Close.

Add Presenter Dialog

Set a Presenter for an Entire Presentation

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. From the Adobe Presenter menu, select Slide Properties.
  3. To select all of your slides: click the first slide and then hold down the Shift key and select the last slide.
  4. Click Edit and in the Edit Slide Properties pop-up window, select a name from the list.
  5. Click Ok. The presenter is associated with all slides in this PowerPoint document.

    Edit Slide Properties
  6. Click OK to apply your change and close the Slide Properties dialog box.

Add Audio to an Individual Slide

  1. Open a presentation in PowerPoint and navigate to the slide that you wish to narrate.
  2. Choose Record Audio from the Adobe Presenter menu.

    Presenter Menu
  3. Set the microphone level: When you select Record Audio a new window will open that will help you set the level of your microphone. Follow the instructions to ensure that your microphone is set up to an appropriate volume. Click Ok to go to the Record Audio window.

    Set Recording Level Check Level Set Microphone Level OK
  4. To record audio in the Record Audio window, press Record (Red circle).

    Record Audio
  5. If you want to view scripts when you are recording, you may check the box that say View script in the Recording Audio window. A blank text box appears and you can type your script in that box. If you have notes in your PowerPoint presentation, you may click on Import Notes. You will be able to select and import notes from the current slide or all slides.

    Import Notes
  6. If you have created and modified a script in Adobe Presenter in the Record Audio Window, you can export the script into your PowerPoint document. In PowerPoint, the script becomes slide notes.

    Export Scripts
  7. Press the record button (red circle) and continue speaking until all of the audio for that slide is complete and press stop (grey square). If you are not satisfied with your audio, you may press record and begin that slide again. You may press play (green triangle) to hear your work. If you are satisfied, choose Next to continue to the next slide.
  8. Once you have moved to another slide, the record audio window will be ready to record audio for the slide which is displayed in the background.

Edit Audio with Audio Editor

Once you have finished adding audio to each slide, you can edit the audio using Audio Editor in Adobe Presenter.

  1. Select Adobe Presenter from the PowerPoint menu and choose Audio Editor.

    Menu - Audio Editor
  2. The Audio Editor window appears.

    Audio Editor

    In the Audio Editor window, you can see exactly how the audio files are currently distributed across the slides. The audio files are presented as waveforms in Audio Editor.
  3. To listen to an audio file: click a location in the waveform and then click Play or press spacebar on your keyboard.
  4. To Cut or Copy and Paste audio: select a section of an audio file directly on the waveform, click Cut or Copy, and then click a different location on the waveform, and click Paste.

    Cut Audio
  5. To preview your presentation before you publish: From the View Menu in Audio Editor, select Slide Show. If the audio is incorrect or unsatisfactory, choose Record Audio from the Adobe Presenter pull down menu and use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate to that slide. Re-record your narration by pressing the record button. This will NOT affect other slides or narrations in the presentation.
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