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Adobe Connect: Managing Meeting Room Layouts

In Adobe Connect Meeting, a layout is a specific arrangement of display panels, called pods. When you create a meeting room using the New Meeting wizard, the Default template is preselected. This template contains three prebuilt meeting room layouts: Sharing, Discussion, and Collaboration.

Layout Menu

Sharing Layout

The Sharing layout contains all of the pods to quickly and easily share with meeting attendees a presentation, a video, a screen, or application from your computer, and any other content. The Sharing layout contains the following pods which are on the Stage and available to all attendees: Share, Camera and Voice, Attendee List, Chat, and Note.

Sharing Layout

Discussion Layout

In the Discussion layout, the Chat, Discussion Notes, and Poll pods take center stage to facilitate discussion in a meeting. The Discussion pod contains the following meeting room pods: Attendee List, Camera and Voice, Chat, Discussion Notes, Note, Poll, and Share.

Discussion Layout

Collaboration Layout

The Collaboration layout contains the pods that you use to work interactively with other meeting attendees: the Whiteboard, Chat, and File Sharing pods. It also contains the following meeting room pods: Camera and Voice, Attendee List, Chat, Note, and Screen Sharing.

Collaboration Layout


Attendee List: Displays a list of everyone who is logged into the meeting, showing name, role, and status. Use it to manage bandwidth, attendance, and audio conference features.

Share: Displays room content (Microsoft PowerPoint slides, Adobe Presenter Presentations, SWF files, JPEG files, or FLV files), whiteboard pages, whiteboard overlay and shared windows, desktop, or applications.

Note: Displays a static text message created by a presenter.

Poll: Lets presenters poll meeting participants and view the results.

Camera and Voice: Lets hosts, presenters, and participants broadcast live audio and video to meeting attendees

Chat: Lets participants exchange text messages.

File Sharing: Lets presenters distribute files to meeting participants.

Web Link: Lets presenters force participants to browse to specific websites.

Q & A: Lets a host or presenter moderate questions sent from the participant Chat pod.

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