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Adobe Connect: Setting User Roles and Rights

Within your Adobe Connect meeting room, as the meeting host, you have the right to change a participant's user role under the Attendee List.

  1. In your meeting room, select one attendee's name in the attendee list under Attendee List Pod. Then, click the button (Set User Role) on the lower-left corner of the Attendee List Pod.

    Set User Role Set as Presenter
  2. Instead of changing a participant'’s role as presenter, you can also allow meeting participants to have rights to speak and broadcast their camera by changing and enhancing their right to use audio and camera.
  3. Select the participant's name under the Attendee List Pod.
  4. Click the button (Pod Option) on the lower right hand corner of the Attendee List Pod.

    Pod Options
  5. Select Change Enhanced Participant Rights.

    Enhanced Participant Rights
  6. Select the check box next to Camera and Voice Pod to grant the right for this particpant to broadcast her camera and voice. Click OK to finish.

    Camera and Voice Pod Rights
  7. Put your cursor on top of the select particpant in the Attendee List pod. A text box appears and describes this participant's user role and rights.

    User Role and Rights
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