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Adobe Connect: Recording Meetings

You can record a meeting room session. When you play the recording, you see exactly what the participants saw during the meeting. You can create a reference archive of your meetings and make the recordings available to participants through Blackboard. Students who missed a scheduled meeting can watch the recordings.

To Record a Meeting

  1. From the menu bar, select Meeting > Record Meeting.

    Record Meeting Menu
  2. In the Record Meeting dialog box, enter a name and summary for the meeting recording and then click OK. A red circle appears in the menu bar to indicate that the meeting is being recorded.

    Recording Dialog Box

To Stop a Recording

You can start and stop recording at any time during the meeting, which lets you control what meeting content to record.

To stop recording a meeting, do one of the following:

  1. Place the cursor over the red circle in the menu bar, and select Stop Recording from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select Meeting > Record Meeting to remove the check mark from the menu bar.

The meeting recording is saved and is available for playback at any time. Your recorded meeting is automatically added to the Recordings page associated with the meeting room and is assigned a URL. The recordings are a re-creation of the meeting using the Macromedia Flash Communication Server and cannot be distributed as stand-alone files. Anyone who has the recording URL and permission can play a recording.

To Find and Play Your Recorded Meeting

  1. Within your Adobe Connect account, go to Meetings.

    Adobe Connect Menu
  2. In the Meeting Information menu, select Recordings.

    Recordings Menu
  3. A list of your recorded sessions appears. To make a recording accessible to students, you need to select the checkbox next to the recording link and click the Make Public button.

    Recordings List
  4. To get the URL for a recorded session, on click the recording name.

    Recording Details
  5. You can make the URL available to participants so that student can login to play the recording. If the access permission to your Adobe Connect meeting is set up to "Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room" then the recordings will not be available to users/students who do not have an Adobe Connect account. If the access permission to your Adobe Connect meeting is set up to "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room”, then recordings are available to everyone. And students/users do not need to log in to view the recording.

  6. To play a recording from a URL, click on the recording URL that the presenter sent to you. The recording opens in your browser and is ready for playback.

    When you play a recording, a recording navigation bar appears in a space below the meeting room.

    Recording Navigation

Making Your Recording Available in Blackboard

You can make the recorded meeting session available in your Blackboard course as an External Link.

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