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Office of Disability Services

Documentation of a Learning, Physical or Psychological Diagnosis

Diagnostic information regarding a learning disability can typically be found embedded within an IEP. While IEP and 504 Plans are not accepted as documentation of a disability, the Psychoeducational testing results/scores will usually be sufficient. Psychoeducational testing results, independent of an IEP/504, are also acceptable. Psychological/Physical/OHI diagnoses can be documented by the student's physician/clinician/specialist.

Documentation Guidelines

VWCC policy states documentation must include, but is not limited to:

  • The diagnosing professional cannot be a family member.
  • The documentation must be on official letterhead or agency forms.
  • An evaluation with a description of the current impact of the disability as it relates to the accommodation request.
  • A description of the diagnostic tests, methods, and/or criteria used (where applicable).
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability, date of your diagnosis (if known), and the date of your most current evaluation.
  • A description of the current functional impact of the disability, including specific test results and the examiner's narrative interpretation.
  • Official signature of the diagnosing professional.
  • IEP and 504 Plans are not accepted as documentation of a disability, however, current psychoeducational testing results can suffice. OHI diagnoses should be confirmed by the students' health care professional.
  • A prescription pad diagnosis will NOT be accepted.

To retrieve documentation from a physician/clinician/specialist, consider using our Provider Assessment of Disability form (PDF).

To retrieve documentation from a High School (typically 5 years or less from graduation), consider using our High School Release of Information form (PDF).

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Office of Disability Services
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Hillary Holland, LPC
Disability Counselor/ADA Coordinator

Karole Passmore
Administrative Office Specialist