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Hall Internship Program

Virginia Western Community College's Hall Internship Program allows students in all career fields the opportunity to gain real-world experience while completing a degree or certificate. This 3-tiered program provides employers with work-ready students for up to 2 full semesters.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Allows you to meet business needs through additional skilled human resources
  • Provides a low-risk means to evaluate potential future employees
  • Serves as an inexpensive recruiting tool
  • Brings current technology and ideals into the workforce
  • Provides access to highly motivated pre-professionals

During the internship semester, Virginia Western partners with the on-site manager to provide additional supervision and/or counseling, as needed, through the class instructor.

Benefits for the Student

The goal of the program is to provide work experience and job readiness skills for students who are:

  • New to the workforce
  • Returning to the workforce after a prolonged absence
  • Changing career directions

The program includes pre-internship classroom studies on:

  • Career Choice Assessments
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Work Ethics
  • Business Writing
  • Goal Setting and Self-Motivation
  • Public Speaking

Become a Partner

The college is seeking employers who will partner with us in this venture. As a partner your company would be placed on a list that would be made available only to those students registered in the class.  From that list, students would select an employer that could provide experience in his/her career interest area. The internship is worth 50% of the student's grade. Therefore, your responsibility to the intern would be to provide work hours each week for the length of the semester plus a mid- and final-term evaluation. 

In the first 15-week semester of internship, students are generally available to intern for 10 hours per week. To aid students in being able to participate in internship experiences, employers are encouraged to provide a stipend to their intern equivalent to the student's tuition for the course (approx. $260). Should the employer and student agree to extend the internship into a second semester, the student usually would be available for 15 hours per week, and employers are encouraged to provide a stipend equivalent to wages for work at that level.

Each student must "apply" for the internship and you, the employer, have the right to accept or deny an intern based on the intern's qualifications and/or your current need.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Hall Associates Career & Employment Assistance Center at 540-857-6694 or by email at .

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