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August 18, 2014

Reminders on Signs, Furniture, Allergies and Appliances

Signs: As we prepare for Fall Semester please remember not to tape or post temporary signs on painted walls, doors or other finishes as the adhesive damages surfaces. Permanent signs, plaques, certificates, awards, or other similar items should not be hung in public areas or corridors. Art work or posters should not be added to buildings with established décor.

Furniture: Most of the buildings built or refurbished within the past 10 years have an established décor for finishes including furniture. Furniture for these projects has been purchased with Commonwealth Bond money. This requires furniture stay within the building for which it was purchased. Furniture, files and other items should not be transferred from one building to another.

Allergies: Within buildings, plug-in and regular air fresheners, scented candles, plants are discouraged due to negative effects on people with allergies or asthma. Soil can contain mold spores that are air borne and negatively impact people who are immune compromised.

Appliances: Space heaters, non UL commercial rated microwaves, toaster ovens, hot pads, personal refrigerators and other heat generating appliances are regulated by fire codes. Use of space heaters and appliances also confuses the mechanical systems and are an inefficient use of energy.

Safety: As required by the building codes and fire regulations, corridors and stairs are to be kept free of all obstructions as they are part of safe exit in an emergency or fire.