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August 4, 2014

Parking Lot 5 & 6

Please be aware that parking lots 5 & 6 are assigned for restricted and properly designated parking only. These lots are not general faculty, staff or student parking areas (handicapped parking excluded). Parking in these lots without proper designation or approval will result in the issuance of parking tickets and/or administrative consequences as ascribed in the appropriate Employee Handbook. Parking in lots 5 & 6 without the properly issued red hang-tag is prohibited. These hang-tags are issued by Campus Police and the distribution is restricted. If a parking ticket is issued for unauthorized parking in lots 5 & 6, payment should be made to the Virginia Western Cashier located in Chapman Hall. If a parking ticket appeal is requested, please refer to the college’s Parking Regulations for guidance on parking related issues.


Thank you,

Craig Harris

Chief of Campus Police