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June 30, 2014

USA! USA! USA! – Come watch the World Cup today in stunning HD!

Want to see the individual beads of sweat and blades of grass as the U.S. National Soccer team plays a do-or-die game? Join us in Whitman Theater to watch the USA take on Belgium in HD and surround sound today at 4 p.m.!

Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. Here are the details:

Grinders, pizza and drinks will be provided by Bellacinos. The match will be on 4 p.m. until approximately 6 p.m. The following caveats for our operations will apply:

  • Classes must continue and cannot be canceled. If you have class at that time, you will have to miss the broadcast. Join in as you are able.
  • All offices serving the public must remain open, with a minimum staffing level. Each office will need to determine how to achieve this requirement with the approval of the office supervisor.
  • All faculty, staff and students are invited to join us for food and watch all or part of the match in support of our United States team. Be sure to clean up after yourselves. Please do not leave trash or other items behind for someone else to clean up.

Nobody has to attend. But this is an opportunity to gather with your VWCC friends and colleagues to enjoy a special event and to unite behind our national team!