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May 20, 2014

More TOTAL Workshops Available

Here is a list of the TOTAL workshops that will be offered through either SVCC or DCC this summer. These are open to your college faculty, and if you are interested, feel free to advertise these at your institutions.

These workshops are free and open to any adjunct or full-time instructors. Remember that although these workshops will take place within Blackboard, sign-up for these sessions is through the Knowledge Center. Participants do need to be familiar with Blackboard to complete these sessions, except for the Blackboard Basics workshop. If a faculty member has never used Blackboard before or has used it in a limited capacity, you may want to encourage them to complete the Blackboard Basics session before any of the other TOTAL offerings.

All of these TOTAL workshops have required activities. The assignments are graded; all assignments must be completed; and an overall grade of 80% is required to receive a VCCS certificate of completion. The Blackboard session is very different from other TOTAL workshops in that it is self-paced, but all other TOTAL workshops have required due dates for tasks each week that the session runs. Peer-to-peer interaction is integral for the various sessions, and therefore everyone is expected to complete work on a set schedule.
Let Carrie or me know if you have any questions.

Workshop Title                                                                                      Workshop Dates
Designing Meaningful Discussions (SVCC)                                               May 26th - June 15th (3 Weeks)
Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning (DCC)                          June 2nd - June 29th (4 Weeks)
Captioning Media (SVCC)                                                                              June 9th - 29th (3 Weeks)
Developing Collaborative Activities (SVCC)                                              July 21st - August 3rd (2 Weeks)
Blackboard Basics (SVCC)                                                                             July 21st - August 10th (3 Weeks)