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April 29, 2014

MDA Jailbird seeks bailout money . . .

To all my friends here on the VWCC campus - faculty, staff and students. HELP!!!

I am proud to tell you that I am going to be going to jail soon and this time for a good reason and a very special cause. I am joining the fight against muscle disease and I need your help to raise my bail. I will be joining other community members to help raise critical funds for MDA, and will gladly spend a little time behind bars and away from my desk for this fund-raising event.

The Roanoke Valley 2014 ALS Lock-Up takes place on May 20, 2014, but I am trying to raise my bail before they come to drag me away from work and lock me up. All you have to do is click on the following link http://www.mdalockup.org/roanokevalley to make a secure, online donation today. Your support will help families living in our community who know the anguish of living with these diseases . . . Muscular Dystrophy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Glycogenesis, Pearson Syndrome, and so many others that I can’t even begin to pronounce. But if you have a family member, a friend, a neighbor or the kid across the street who lives with one of these diseases, then you know how they suffer and the battles they face on a daily basis.

The “bail” that you help me raise will go toward research and support programs such as giving a child with muscle disease the opportunity to go to summer camp. Can you even possibly, in the furthest reaches of your mind, imagine the face of a child who has never been able to go to camp when they experience things like boating, hiking, swimming, and the companionship of other children who are just like them. Where they are given the chance to have one week where they can be just like everyone else around them. They don’t stick out and they don’t have people giving them looks of pity, or even worse, looks of revulsion. No child goes to MDA Summer Camp and comes home the same. That week can be a life changing event in so many lives – children, parents and camp workers alike.

So think about it, if you want your summer semester to go smoothly (here is where you place arm behind back and twist slowly), you might consider a small donation to my bail fund to keep me in the office or you can contribute to the “You got her – you keep her fund” if you prefer. But in the long run I am not asking you to think about me and how pitiful I will look behind bars (or how horizontal stripes do terrible things to my body image), but think about the families and children in our community who can definitely use your support.

If you can’t make a donation online, stop by my office and put some loose change in the jar on my desk – you know we all have some loose change laying around. Clean out the cracks in the sofa, look under the cushion in your favorite chair, check the seats of your car or truck, clean out your bookbag – whatever. I’m not asking for huge donations – but I promise you – the more you give the better you will feel, because I know you can all imagine the face of that child their first day at camp.

Thanks – you will be hearing from me again.

Joyce the jail bird!

PS: As soon as I see your name on my contributors list I will remove you from future harassment . . .ummm, I mean emails.

Joyce S Greer
Assistant Site Director
3074 Colonial Ave SW
106 Thomas Center