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April 7, 2014

Chancellor’s Fellowship for Classified Staff – Application Deadline April 15, 2014

The Chancellor is pleased to announce a fellowship program for community college and System Office classified staff.  For the 2014-2015 academic year, selected classified staff employees will be named as Chancellor’s Fellows to pursue degree studies that will enhance their ability to contribute to the community college mission.

The Chancellor’s Fellowship includes the following:  1) Financial support for tuition and mandatory fees.  2) One semester or one academic year leave of absence with ¾ pay. 3) Continuation of insurance, retirement, the State’s portion of health insurance, and seniority.  This program only supports full-time study.

To be eligible to apply, classified employees must:  1) Be employed 3 consecutive years (as of the date of application) in a full-time state-funded classified position at a community college or the System Office. 2) Be enrolled or accepted in a degree program from a Virginia state-supported institution of higher education. 3) As an employee of VWCC, be recommended by Dr. Sandel.

To apply:  1) Submit a completed application form.  2) Include 3 letters of endorsement. 3) Submit verification of acceptance in a degree program. 4) Submit transcripts if currently enrolled in a program.

Application deadline:  April 15, 2014

Contact Denise Schuh in Human Resources for an application at either 857-7962 or dschuh@virginiawestern.edu.