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March 14, 2014

Changes in Facilities Management Service Structure

In an effort to serve the college more effectively, the Facility Management Services (FMS) Department has divided into two distinct departments.  The existing FMS Department will continue to meet the day-to-day needs of the college through the college’s work order system. There are no changes in the processes in how you request FMS support or submit work orders.  The FMS team consists of Pat Rhodes, Ray Braley, Corvin Davis, Jason Gill, Grady Hill, H.B. Ingram, Johnny Johnson, Tom Price,  Jim Ramsdell, Chris Smith, Landon Spraker, Peter Stocki, Bobby Walton, and Hunter Wright.  The FMS Department will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance needs of the college for both trades and grounds. This team will be responsible for all equipment repair and maintenance, preventative maintenance, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lock and door repairs, key control, landscaping, state vehicle maintenance, fuel pumps, setups, moves, surplus property, purchasing and contract administration relative to existing contracts for custodial, mowing, painting, snow removal, and equipment and maintenance repair services, to include fire alarm systems, complex mechanical systems, and elevators.  This is a proven team with exceptional talents that will continue to maintain our existing college infrastructure in good working order and keep our grounds looking beautiful.

A new department, Facilities Planning and Development, has been created, consisting of Kevin Witter, Angie Baughman, Judy Lienhardt, Harry Stockton, and Reggie Walker.  The team in this new operating department will focus primarily on facility planning and development related to all facets of capital outlay management and facility renovation, to include project planning, coordination, design, construction, contract review and administration and budget tracking.  Additionally, this team will develop and administer the campus facilities master plan, manage our MS4 permits for stormwater, facilitate parking lot construction and upgrades and continue to design and plan for directional signage relative to new space and/or new programming needs on campus. The college continues to experience success in modernizing our campus through many of our capital projects being high priorities for capital funding from the Commonwealth of Virginia. This signifies the importance of a strong planning effort with effective project management capabilities. Virginia Western is a growing and dynamic institution that requires this concentrated attention to planning and development of our campus facilities and infrastructure.

The next few months will be a transition period for us, as we continue to further define the responsibilities of each department.   We believe that this new structure will help us focus our efforts more effectively and better utilize the enormous talents of all of our facility employees.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work through this process.

Cheryl C. Miller