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March 6, 2014

Professional Development – Finding Information

In the information provided about professional development opportunities, we listed the link to the VCCS’s new webapage and the information that is provided there on professional development. There is current information located at that site on New Horizons, but many of the other links are still inactive. The link to the old VCCS webpage on professional development is http://old.vccs.edu/FacultyStaff/ProfessionalDevelopment.aspx. This will provide you with some historical information that may be helpful in completing your application. Please keep in mind that this site is being phased out and that in the future the new webpage at http://www.vccs.edu/careers/office-of-professional-development/ should be your resource. However in this time of transition, you may need to refer to both.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilmer
Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs