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February 24, 2014

The Media Geeks Need Your Help

The Media Geeks are BUSY!  Since we began formally producing videos for the campus community we have created hundreds of videos, and we get new requests nearly every day. We need your HELP!

The Media Geeks are looking for creative, responsible students interested in working in our video production department. Students workers will be helping to create the videos you can see on VWCC’s YouTube site (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BqhWazgA6rfn1JlpUElnQ) as well as potentially building up their professional portfolio. If you think you may have students like this in any of your classes, please refer them to us.  We’re looking to hire one or more students to work with us starting immediately.

To apply, students should have at least some experience in any of the following areas: Photography, Videography, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and/or After Effects.  These are PAID positions, open to all Virginia Western Community College Students.  Students should be expecting to stick with classes at least for a few more semesters.  We invest a lot of time in training, so we want to make sure they’ll be with us long enough for everyone to benefit from our efforts.

Interested students should email mediageeks@virginiawestern.edu. We’ll contact them to arrange for a meeting to talk in greater detail.