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February 11, 2014

Mailroom and Print Services Moving – Please Read!

Mailroom and Print Services are joining forces and will be moving into Anderson Hall in the space formerly occupied by the Dental Hygiene Program.  By combining these two operations into one department, we will eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency of mail and print services.

The postage meter machine will be moved into the new space on Thursday, February 13th and Friday, February 14th.   To facilitate this move, outgoing mail will not be available after noon on Thursday, February 13th or at all on Friday, February 14th.    UPS will not be available until Monday, February 17th.  The new Mail and Print Services space in Anderson Hall contains a new mailbox for each area/division on campus.  Mail delivery to all areas on campus will continue until the transition is complete.  However, once complete each area/division will pick-up and deliver their outgoing mail to Anderson Hall.

To further streamline mail delivery to the campus, we will begin the process of having the mail delivered to the campus by the U. S. Postal service and eventually eliminate the need for a post office box.  Eliminating the post office box will take some time.  To start the process, we are asking everyone to begin by changing the address on their email contact information.  This process will take several months to a year. Do not order new business cards or letterhead stationary until your current supplies are depleted.  The address that should be used for each area is listed below for your convenience.  Please notice that all of the addresses use Roanoke, VA  24015 for the city, state and zip code.

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and support of this new process and look forward to having an Open House to introduce everyone to the new area.

Street Addresses for all Major Buildings

  • Anderson Hall 3097 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Brown Library 3095 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Business Science Building 3099 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Chapman Hall 3094 Colonial Ave., SW
  • College Services Building 3054 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Craig Hall 3092 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Duncan Hall 3090 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fishburn Hall 3093 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fralin Center 3091 Colonial Ave, SW
  • Greenhouse 3102 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Humanities Building 3082 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Student Center 3096 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Thomas Center 3074 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Webber Hall 3098 Colonial Ave., SW
  • PE Building No legal address