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February 7, 2014

VWCC – OSHA New Chemical Labels and Safety Data Sheet Training

The Knowledge Center is now fully operational. If you need any assistance, please email one of the HR specialists listed below.

In accordance with new OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) standards regarding labeling of chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials, Virginia Western has released an online course available via the Knowledge Center titled “VWCC – OSHA New Labels and Safety Data Sheets Training (December 2013)”.  This course is designed to fulfill the OSHA requirement that all employees must be trained on the new labeling system and Safety Data Sheet standards.  This online course will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

This training is in accordance with new OSHA standards to conform to a world-wide means of identifying and labeling chemicals and hazardous substances. This brings the United States into a communication system consistent with other countries around the world. The new system is called the “Global Harmonized System (GHS)”, and all American employers and employees are to undergo this training for and comply with the conversion to the GHS over the next two years. However, employee training on this new standard must occur now.

IMPORTANT:  All current employees are required to complete this course as soon as possible.  Instructions for accessing and completing the training are below.

SUPERVISORS:  Please ensure all of your employees take this training course, especially those that do not have a VWCC Employee Email address.  All full-time and part-time (including student, non-student and Federal Work-Study) are required to take this online training.

  1. Login to the VWCC Knowledge Center:  https://covkc.virginia.gov/vwcc
    1. All Full-Time employees have KC accounts already established.  If you are unsure of your Login ID and/or Password, please click the appropriate “Forgot….” link.
    2. Part-Time employees may or may not have a KC Login ID already established.  If you are unsure of your Login ID, please click the Forgot Login ID link.  If you are not able to find your Login ID, please do not create one.  Email one of the three Human Resources employees listed below who will search for your Login ID.  They will respond to you via email with either (1) your ID or (2) instructions on how to establish one.  This additional step will prevent duplicate KC Login IDs from being established.
  2. Click Learning Center
  3. Click Course Catalog
  4. Enter Keyword VWCC in the Search Text box. Click Search.
  5. The following course will appear: VWCC – OSHA New Labels and SDS Training (December 2013). Click on the course link.
  6. Click Enroll
  7. Click Enroll one more time (Suggested:  Leave Course Credit Option as Credit and Course Mode Option as Normal.)
  8. Click Access Item
  9. Another white internet page should display.  It may take a few moments for the course to start playing.  Please be patient.
  10. Once the training is complete, please click the X in the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  11. Click OK when you are asked “Are you sure you want to exit this course?”

After you have taken the course, to confirm that you have taken the course for credit:

  1. Login to the VWCC Knowledge Center:  https://covkc.virginia.gov/vwcc
  2. Click My Workspace
  3. Click My Transcript
  4. You can view all of the courses you have taken through the Knowledge Center under Learning History

If you have questions or need assistance, please EMAIL ONE OF THE FOLLOWING --- Heidi McClintic HMcClintic@virginiawestern.edu, Sarah Miller SAMiller@virginiawestern.edu, or Carly Johnson CJohnson@virginiawestern.edu, in Human Resources.