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January 23, 2014

Healthcare Premium Rewards

Eligible employees and/or their covered spouses, who within the time frame established completed the health care assessment and the biometric screening, were scheduled to receive their first premium reward for the last half of this plan year on January 16, 2014; otherwise, Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) removed the premium reward for the employee, spouse, or both.

DHRM announced that there could be discrepancies with the premium rewards which will require an investigation and record correction.  Therefore, if you and/or your spouse have met the eligibility requirements to receive the premium reward, please ensure that the reward amount is correct.  Check to see if there is an error by reviewing your pre-tax health care deduction.   To review the deduction, log into Payline and compare the pre-tax health care deduction on the December 31, 2013 paycheck stub against the January 16, 2014 stub.  As a reminder, the reward is $8.50 per pay for an eligible employee and an additional $8.50 per pay for an eligible covered spouse.

If you suspect the premium reward is not correct, please contact Denise Schuh at 857-7962 or dschuh@virginiawestern.edu.  You will be required to complete a "Premium Reward Review Form" that will provide the basics for DHRM to conduct an investigation.