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October 14, 2013

Online Virginia Retirement System Member Benefit Profiles are Ready!

Your Member Benefit Profile (MBP) helps you map your retirement strategy. This is your online Virginia Retirement System (VRS) benefits statement providing important information about your retirement and other benefits as of June 30, 2013, and you can find it in your myVRS online account.

Retirement income on target? One of your MBP’s most important features is a retirement income analysis. This feature shows a total retirement income estimate compared to a retirement income target of 80 percent of your compensation. The retirement income estimate combines your estimated unreduced benefit, a Social Security estimate and, if you are a participant, an estimated annuity from your Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan account. Your analysis includes tips for “closing the gap” between your estimated retirement income and your 80 percent benchmark.

View your MBP now. Go to www.varetire.org/myVRS to log in or create a secure online account. Also see About myVRS for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to review your retirement benefits, please contact Denise Schuh in Human Resources at 857-7962 or dschuh@virginiawestern.edu.