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July 24, 2013

Summer 2012 Blackboard Course Deletion and Preparation of Fall 2013 Course Content

All Summer 2012 (and prior) courses will be removed from Blackboard on August 2, 2013. Blackboard is not designed as a permanent historical archive of course activity. It is a production system for current classes. Keeping old courses can have a negative effect on the performance of the system for current courses and current students. This is why all courses are constantly archived and then eventually removed.

The criteria for removal at this stage:

1. Course ID ending in "SU12"

2. Or created before May 1, 2012


  • On July 22, title of courses is changed to include "Will delete August 2, 2013" and courses are made unavailable on Blackboard.
  • All courses are archived (this is an ongoing standard procedure) by VCCS ITS.
  • August 2, 2013 (and following) - all flagged courses will be removed from production.

Courses that are “deleted” will no longer be accessible to the instructor for access on Blackboard. The current VCCS policy allows courses to be accessible to instructors on Blackboard for three previous semesters and then the courses can be restored only by a Blackboard administrator. This is done by instructor request. So if you should need course content from an earlier semester, it can be restored.

Quick Reminders for Faculty Teaching Fall 2013

  • Faculty can use Course Copy function on Blackboard to transfer course content from one course to another course. Instructors should complete their course copy as earlier as possible to avoid Blackboard traffic (please remember, all 23 VCCS community colleges are all using the same Blackboard course management system. Usually Blackboard is very slow the week before school starts).  Here is the instruction about course copy: http://www.virginiawestern.edu/distance/faculty/docs/bb/CopyCourse.pdf
  • Please make past semester Blackboard courses unavailable as students still have access to these courses if the instructor has not made them unavailable. Your Fall 2013 courses are created as unavailable so students are not able to view them until you make the course available. All Fall 2013 courses must be available at the first day of class which is August 21 for student access.  Here is the instruction about how to make course available on Blackboard: http://www.virginiawestern.edu/distance/faculty/docs/bb/CourseAvailables.pdf
  • Students will be enrolled in Fall 2013 Blackboard courses on August 5. Enrolling students into Blackboard will NOT allow students to access the Blackboard course content; instructors will still need to make the course available for students to be able to access Blackboard course content.
  • If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, your student enrollment from PeopleSoft can be combined into a single Blackboard section so that you do not need to multiple duplicate postings. This will not affect the PeopleSoft/SIS rosters or entering final grades into SIS at the end of the semester. Please contact us if you wish to have sections combined. We will need to have the Course ID and sections to be combined and the section that is to be the container for the sections, e.g. ENG.300.11

If you have any questions, please contact Department of Distance Learning & Instructional Technology at DLearning@virginiawestern.edu