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July 15, 2013

Calendar Tip

Have you ever looked at the calendar on the front page of the website and wondered why you can't see your reservation? The College's online calendar shows up in two forms on the website.

The PUBLIC CALENDAR is seen from the front page of the website and pulls information that is open to students and the community. The Public Calendar is yellow. http://calendar.activedatax.com/virginiawestern/CalendarNOW.aspx?fromdate=7/1/2013&todate=7/31/2013&display=Month&more=1/1/0001

The PRIVATE CALENDAR can be accessed front the website by clicking Faculty & Staff > Faculty & Staff Calendar. The Private Calendar shows all Public Calendar reservations as well as those specific toward faculty and staff (meetings, interviews, etc). The Private Calendar is green. http://calendar.activedatax.com/virginiawestern/CalendarNOW.aspx?fromdate=7/1/2013&todate=7/31/2013&display=Month&more=1/1/0001