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April 18, 2013

Public Service Week Celebration Award Recipients

On April 17th the college celebrated Public Service Week.  Employees came for ice cream, to play games, and to recognize their co-workers and peers.

Cake Walk

Everyone had a blast clucking like a chicken to the Chicken Dance Song in hopes of plucking a cake.  Here are the lucky recipients:

Timmy Stockton – Cherry Pie

Amy Balzer – Red Velvet Cake

Carol Rowlett – Chocolate Fudge Pie

Crystal Kennedy – Cannoli Cake

Jelly Bean Guessing Game

A jar of gourmet jelly beans was up for the count of 1036 beans.  Debbie Mayo had the closest guess at 1052 beans!  That’s the way to do it!  Enjoy your candy!

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Employees college-wide were recognized for their achievements, hard work, knowledge, and team work on the Employee Wall of Fame.  The Employee Wall of Fame will be proudly displayed during the traditional Public Service Week (May 6 – May 10th) in breezeway of the college’s pedestrian bridge.  Three completed bricks on the Employee Wall of Fame were randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card.  The recipients of the recognition award are:  Tara Nepper, Jim Poythress, and Kathy Holland.  Congratulations!