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March 19, 2013

Thank you to Virginia Western!

The Virginia Western Office of Institutional Advancement and the Educational Foundation are grateful to the ENTIRE College community for its support of the Annual Educational Foundation Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 14 and the Trane Music Festival to benefit CCAP on Saturday, March 16.

Special thanks to the Arboretum, FMS and the Media Geeks for helping to facilitate many important aspects of the Awards Ceremony. Hopefully those who were not able to attend were able to see the event on livestream. Thank you also to those who attended the special ceremony recognizing the 2012-2013 scholarship recipients and donors and award recipients.

Additionally, the efforts and talents of the Marketing staff should be commended. The Trane Music Festival received excellent media coverage leading up to and following the festival, and the College and Community College Access Program were well represented in front of an important audience of high school students and community members.

Also, a big thank you to Rhonda Perdue with the Hall Associates Career and Employment Assistance Center, Becky Kraemer with CCAP and Chad Sartini with Financial Aid for spending their Saturday afternoon sharing information at resource booths at the Music Festival. Your committment of time and resources was much appreciated. Thanks also to the many College employees who attended the event.

To everyone, thank you for your support and assistance!