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February 26, 2013

Not too late to hire a Federal Work-Study employee for Spring!

Do you have a need for a Federal Work-Study employee? It's not too late to hire one for the Spring term. We have students who have been awarded funding, but do not have a position! Current Work-Study students can help out in a variety of ways depending on specific departmental needs. If you'd like more details or clarification on what type of assistance a Work-Study student can provide to you, please contact me! This is a great opportunity to help the student utilize their Work-Study award, which is a valuable source of financial aid, and gain working skills as well as help staff manage daily activities!

To get a position posted for the FWS recipients to view, please a Personnel Requisition Form to the Financial Aid Office. You can find the form on VWConnect under Human Resources or email me for a copy at ahuffman@virginiawestern.edu!