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January 22, 2013

Workers’ Compensation Tip of the Week….

What is Workers' Compensation??

In the event that you should have an accident or illness that arises out of and in the course of your employment at VWCC, you should report the accident or illness to your supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately.  The Workers' Compensation Coordinator for our agency is Heidi McClintic (hmcclintic@virginiawestern.edu or 857-6331). 

  • For medical attention of a non-emergent nature, an employee must select a physician from the college's Panel of Physicians Form. 
  • Employees sustaining serious (life threatening) injuries should contact Campus Police (857-7979) and seek medical attention at the closest medical facility.  Immediately upon stabilization of the injury, the employee should seek follow-up treatment from a physician on the Panel of Physicians Form.   

Workers' Compensation claims are subject to approval by the Commonwealth's Workers' Compensation administrator (currently Managed Care Innovations) and the Virginia Industrial Commission.