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December 3, 2012

New Book

Dr. Phil Ayers, Philosophy Instructor at VWCC, has authored a new book entitled, MARINE: Featuring the Battle of Hickory May 1967. He shares an intimate part of his life that is meaningful to all Americans, especially combat veterans and their families. This account of his life depicts the horrors of combat and the consequences of war in an individual’s life. Philip believes our younger generation needs to know of our heroes of the past, and the price our Veterans paid for their freedom. History must not be forgotten.
MARINE: Featuring the Battle of Hickory May 1967 (ISBN: 9781624195563) by author Dr. Philip E. Ayers. It is published by Xulon Press, Maitland, FL, copyright 2012. The book is 238 pages in length, and is available for $15.95 through Xulon Press, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or any book store.