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October 2, 2012


The projects entail changes to existing handicap parking spaces.  Improvements include: Van accessible spaces, curb cuts, some sidewalk work near spaces, definable path way pavement markings, parking space signage and replacement of two ramps.  The work may disrupt several handicap parking areas and some adjoining spaces for about 2 weeks at each individual location.  However, several areas may be impacted simultaneously due to construction process.  Basically a demo crew will start at one location and move to the next followed immediately by an installation crew to construct the area removed.  The demo work will be noisy as they will be removing concrete.  The installation crew will need space to store gravel and bring in concrete trucks.  A dumpster may be located here or there for the debris.  These improvements will update handicap spaces to meet current codes and regulations.  The entire project is estimated to take 10-12 weeks and will impact both North and South campus in a domino fashion. 

The contractor plans to begin in Lot 1 and 1E and then move to ramps near Fishburn and Anderson along with Lot 5 and Lot 6.  These will be sequenced.

Those with a handicap hang-tag should be reminded that they are able to park in any open space regardless of the yellow or white pavement markings.  They should anticipate temporary inconvenience during this construction and allow extra time for finding a suitable space and for travel to their destination on campus.  This is an unfortunate short term consequence for long term gain.  Please assist FMS in any way to get word out about this campus wide project.



Kevin Witter - Architect/Professor

Director of Facilities, Planning, and Development

3054 Colonial Ave, SW

Roanoke, VA  24038

PH: 857-7341