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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a copy of my transcripts?

To request a copy of your transcripts, you will need to contact the Records Office at (540) 857-7236 or visit the Records Office.

Can I view my transcript online?

Yes, you can view an unofficial copy of your transcripts by logging into MyVWCC.

How do I update my address and phone number?

Contact our Alumni Development Services Coordinator.

Who do I contact for help with my resume or career placement?

Contact the Hall Associates Career and Employment Assistance Center at (540) 857-7298 or

I know someone who is interested in attending Virginia Western. Who do they need to contact?

They should contact the Admissions Office at (540) 857-7231 or for more information they can visit the Admissions Office website.

Who is considered an alumnus/a of Virginia Western?

Anyone who has completed at least one class (3 credit hours) or is a graduate of Virginia Western is considered an alumnus/a of Virginia Western.

How do I join the Virginia Western Alumni Association?

It's easyjoin the Virginia Western Alumni Association! You can join using our online application.

I am interested in volunteering for the Alumni Association. Who do I need to contact?

For more information on volunteering for the Virginia Western Alumni Association, please contact our Alumni Development Services Coordinator. There are volunteer opportunities on our Alumni Council, at upcoming events, and more!

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