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Withdrawing Students From Dual Classes

Students who wish to terminate their participation in a dual enrolled class may WITHDRAW during the following dates:

Fall Semester 2010: October 1 - November 26
Spring Semester 2011: February 24 - April 18

The end dates are the last day a student may withdraw from a dual class and receive a "W" on his/her transcript.

Unlike dropping a class, if the student decides to terminate his/her participation in a dual enrolled class by WITHDRAWING from dual status, the student will receive a “W” on his/her permanent transcript at Virginia Western. Withdrawing from a class will benefit a student who is at risk of failing because a "W" carries no grade points since it is considered a non-punitive grade whereas an "F" will affect a student’s grade point average. 

As the student’s instructor, you will need to initiate a student’s WITHDRAWAL from a dual enrolled class by contacting Dr. Kathryn Beard at or by calling 857-7235 with the student’s name and EMPLID. As the student’s instructor, you need to notify the student's counselor as to his/her withdrawing from your class.

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