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Submitting Dual Class rosters

A week after the Labor Day holiday (or around September 14) you will be expected to mail, FAX or email your dual enrollment class roster to Bill Salyers at VWCC.

Fax: 540-857-6478

If you have questions about this procedure, contact your coordinator of guidance.

Please be sure that the dual rosters contain the following information:

  • The name of the high school.
  • The name of the high school course.
  • The name of the college-level dual course.
  • The instructor's name.
  • The period of the school day the class(es) is taught.
  • The name of each dual enrolled student to be registered for the class along with his/her EMPLID number.

Once Dr. Beard receives your dual rosters, she will code them for the purpose of registering the students for each instructor's class or classes. The rosters then go to the College's Admissions Office where the students are individually registered for each dual course.

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