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All Dual Enrollment students should review the VWCC Student Handbook.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment gives high school and home schooled students the opportunity to earn college credits while meeting the requirements for high school graduation.

College credits earned at VWCC may, depending on the course:

  • Meet the high school's graduation requirements
  • Be applied toward graduation at VWCC
  • Be transferred to another college or university
  • Provide introductory instruction that will help the student better succeed in degree programs
  • Help the student better prepare for entry level workforce positions directly from high school, or with the completion of a career studies certificate

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Why take dual enrollment courses?

Studies show that students who acquire college credits while in high school are more likely to graduate and continue their education beyond high school.

You can reduce the time and cost of a post-secondary education by taking some courses through a community college.

You will gain confidence in your ability to do college work and it may be easier to start classes on a college campus when you graduate from high school.

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What are the benefits of dual enrollment?

  • High school credit and college credit are earned at the same time.
  • Dual enrollment courses taught in the high school introduce students to the rigor of college-level work
  • Dual enrollment can save time and tuition, providing affordable college credit for high school students
  • Dual enrollment entitles students access to VWCC campus resources
  • High School students may have the opportunity to complete their General Studies Associates Degree or General Education Certificate concurrent with high school graduation.
  • College credit may be transferable to most Virginia colleges and to other public colleges and universities.

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Is dual enrollment right for everyone?

No. Dual enrollment is an opportunity to take challenging courses and begin a college education. However, students should be mature enough to accept the rigor and responsibilities of college level work.

Dual enrollment courses become a part of a student's permanent college transcript and are calculated into the student’s permanent postsecondary GPA . This will impact eligibility for financial aid and admission to other postsecondary institutions.

The amount of work necessary to succeed in college level courses may be much greater than in high school courses. Students need to consider future plans when deciding if dual enrollment is right for their situation. Poor performance as a dual enrollment student can ultimately impact one’s postsecondary career, including academic standing and financial aid eligibility. Poor performance in dual enrollment can also impact other VWCC program eligibility, like CCAP.

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How can I be eligible for dual enrollment?

  • Students must be a high school junior or senior.
  • Exceptions for admission may be considered for freshman and sophomore level students who are able to demonstrate readiness for college-level rigor, with special permission from their high school principal, approval by the college dean or dual enrollment coordinator, and by the College President prior to course registration. To do so, they need to submit the Request for Special Circumstance Admission form (PDF).
  • Students must have parental and high school principal permission to register for dual enrollment courses.
  • Students must meet admissions criteria and prerequisites established by VWCC.
  • Students must complete both PART I and PART II of the online application.
  • Students must successfully complete the Virginia Placement Testing (VPT) required for the course before they can be accepted into the dual-enrolled class.
  • All course pre-requisites for a dual enrollment course require a grade of "C" or better.

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What kind of dual enrollment opportunities are there?

1. In-School Dual Enrollment

Courses are taught at the high school by college credentialed faculty. Dual enrollment offerings vary. Students should work with their guidance counselors and teachers to learn more about dual enrollment opportunities in their high school. (No tuition charge to students. Schools may choose to assess fees based on consumable materials.)

Virtual courses monitored at the high school but taught by VWCC faculty. Time is allowed during the high school day for students to work in computer labs. Schools provide adult supervision. (Partial tuition rate; 65%)

2. On VWCC Campus Dual Enrollment (full VWCC tuition rates apply)

Courses are taught on campus by VWCC faculty and may be open to general VWCC students. The course allows the high school or home schooled students to enroll in college credit classes that may also be accepted for high school graduation requirements. Prior approval from the school division is required and students must submit the High School/Home-School Enrollment Approval Form (PDF) prior to registering for a class.

On-line (virtual) courses are taught by VWCC faculty and may be open to general VWCC students. The course allows the high school or home schooled students to enroll in college credit classes that may also be accepted for high school graduation requirements. Prior approval from the school division is required and students must submit the High School/Home-School Enrollment Approval Form prior to registering for a class. On-line classes require that the student be self-motivated and self-directed.

Concurrent Dual Enrolled courses (on-line or on-campus) allow high school or home schooled students to enroll in college credit classes. However, these students only receive college credit for the classes and must take the classes on the VWCC campus. No high school credit is awarded. Students must submit the High School/Home-School Enrollment Approval Form prior to registering for a class.

3. On VWCC Campus Dual Enrollment - Academy

The Academy offers special programs of study on campus during the high school day. Students participate in cohorts and must take all classes offered during the scheduled meeting times. High School and parental approval is required to participate. Students must follow the VWCC class schedule and calendar regardless of their high school calendar. Enrollment is limited with specific admission requirements. Applications are due by April 1st.

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Is financial aid available for dual enrollment students?

No. College-based financial aid is not available for high school students.

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Can I transfer my credits to a four-year college or university?

As with other courses taken at VWCC, many credits earned through dual enrollment typically transfer to four-year colleges and universities. However, some courses and degree programs are not designed to transfer. Colleges and universities have specific policies regarding acceptance of transfer credits. You should contact the college or university you are considering to discuss the transferability of dual enrollment courses.

VWCC graduates who earn an associate of science or associate of arts degree, and who meet criteria specified by each senior institution, are guaranteed admission to more than 40 area colleges and universities including schools like George Mason University, Virginia Tech and the College of William and Mary.

Our counselors will help you to select a program of study, identify schools and understand the transfer requirements for the degree program at your school of choice. In addition, they'll let you know which VWCC courses will transfer and help you to create a schedule based on those courses.

It’s never too early to begin planning for a smooth transfer to another institution. The longer you wait to make a decision, the more you risk delaying degree completion.

It is always helpful to:

  1. Speak to a VWCC Student Services Advisor as soon as possible to assist you with choosing your major.
  2. Review all of the Guaranteed Admissions Agreements and Articulation Agreements VWCC has with several four-year colleges and universities. Note: Students must complete a transfer Associate’s degree to be eligible for the benefits that the Agreement provides.
  3. Investigate Transfer Guides offering your intended program.
  4. Learn about general education requirements and lower-division components in the curriculum at institutions you are considering.
  5. Begin looking for scholarships, discounts and other ways to meet costs. Check out opportunities through VWCC Financial Aid offices.
  6. Start your math (based on your program of study), and writing (composition) sequences as early as possible, as they are common requirements across most programs.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the information found in the VWCC catalog.

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What if I have an IEP at my high school? Can I still take dual enrollment classes?

High school juniors and seniors with special needs or disabilities may participate if they earn qualifying scores on the placement tests, and are able to participate and achieve in class without modification of course work.

For more information regarding students with disabilities visit the Disability Services website.

Accommodations for dual enrollment college courses, especially those offered on campus may be different than the services that high school provides. Review this chart for general guidelines.

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