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Your VWCC Supervisor

Please direct all inquiries regarding academic standards, course content, grading, student evaluations, or other matters related to the teaching of your particular subject to the appropriate dean.

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:
Ms. Amy Anguiano, Interim Dean

School of Health Professions:
Ms. Carole S. Graham, Dean

School of Business, Technology, and Trades:
Mrs. Deborah A. Yancey, Interim Dean

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:
Dr. John Anderson, Dean

Please direct all inquiries regarding class scheduling, student registration for dual classes, students who wish to drop/add a class or who wish to withdraw from a class, questions or problems related to your class or to students to Dr. Kathryn Beard at or 857-7235.


This is required annually, and is needed before we can set up class rosters in our system. Classes cannot be set up for the teachers without this form, nor would they be able to check rosters or submit grades. A SARF form should also be submitted for the school and/or division dual enrollment contact person. Please complete the form, SIGN IT (electronic signatures are not accepted) and fax or e-mail it back to Dr. Beard at 540-857-6478 (fax) or

Once an instructor has been fully credentialed to teach dual enrolled classes, he/she should download and complete the SARF (Security Access Request Form). The form should be submitted to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator's office. Once received, the college's Information and Educational Technologies department will activate the instructor's access.

Without an annual SARF, an instructor's account will be disabled by the College which will prevent the instructor from checking class rosters or entering grades for his/her dual students.

Completion and submission of a new SARF is an annual requirement of the Virginia Community College System.

Click here to download the Dual Enrollment SARF (PDF)

The EMPLID Number

Once a teacher has been credentialed as an adjunct faculty member for Virginia Western Community College and has completed and returned the SARF form, he/she is issued an EMPLID number. This identification number is seven numerical digits which allow an instructor to interact with the College's student information system, MyVWCC.

Without an EMPLID number, instructors cannot access the system to check their class roster of students who are registered to their dual classes, nor can they enter final grades into the system for their dual students at the end of each semester.

Instructions for looking up your EMPLID and username and setting up your password can be found in Navigate MyVWCC.

Should you have difficulty accessing your account, please contact the College's Help Desk at 857-7354 or email your problem to Students are also issued EMPLID numbers, and their identification numbers are used to register them for their dual classes.

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