Admissions :: Dual Enrollment

Credentialing Process

Directions for completing the VWCC Credentialing Process can be found here. (PDF)

When the required documents have been received, the information is reviewed by the division dean and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. At the end of the review, Dr. Beard will notify the candidate of the college's decision. This process can take from 2-6 weeks.


Credentials needed to teach dual enrollment classes can vary based on the subject.

Course Info Credentials
Part of an A.S. Degree
Transfers to a 4-year college
Master's Degree in the field or Master's plus 18 hours in the content area
0 years of Occupational Experience
Part of an A.A.S. Degree Bachelor's Degree in the field
2 years of Occupational Experience (not teaching)
Non-Associate Degree Occupational Fields A.S. in teaching field
H.S. Diploma with certification in the field
5 years of Occupational Experience (not teaching)


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