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Checking Your Class Rosters

As a dual enrollment instructor, it is very important that you check your class roster(s) in the College’s student information system several times during the first month of dual classes to determine if your roster is correct.

You can access your account through MyVWCC.

Instructions for the student information system can be found in Navigate MyVWCC. Click here for how to find your username and set your password, and here for how to access your class roster(s).

Should you experience any difficulty getting into this site or into your account, please contact the College's Help Desk at, or by calling 857-7354.  Be sure to have your  EMPLID handy.  You will have already received a sheet of directions for checking your class rosters which was sent to you at the beginning of the school year in August.

Once you have found the dual class(es) assigned to you in the College's student information system, be sure to:

  • check each student's name and verify that he/she should be registered for your class
  • determine if there are any students who are not on the class roster who should be registered for the class
  • determine if there are any students on your class roster who should not be in your dual enrolled class.

Report any discrepancies to Dr. Kathryn Beard at, or call 857-7235 as soon as possible, so those students may be dropped from or added to the class.

NOTE: Your school system's superintendent will be billed for the students who are listed on your class roster(s); as a result, rosters should be as accurate and correct as possible, so no rebilling needs to occur.

By the end of the drop/add period (consult your calendar of dual enrollment activities sent to you at the beginning of each new semester), your class roster should list the correct number of students registered for your dual class(es).

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