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Dropping & Adding Dual Classes to a Student's Schedule

Students usually have ten days after class rosters are picked up to add a dual enrolled class to their current registration, or to drop a dual enrolled class from their current registration.  Students who add dual class(es) to their schedule will be responsible for paying their school system the additional fees involved in their registration.  Students who drop dual classes from their schedule during this ten day period will not have any record of the class on their transcript record at Virginia Western. 

Typically, registration begins a week after Labor Day for a ten-day period; the drop/add period for student registrations ends on September 30. No students will be allowed to add or drop classes after October 1.

As the student's instructor, you will need to initiate an ADD or DROP by contacting Dr. Kathryn Beard at or by calling 857-7235 with the student's name and EMPL ID number.  In addition, you need to notify the student’s counselor as to the addition or drop of a dual class.

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