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Full Time Biological Sciences Faculty

Bryan Schaubach, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Schaubach is currently Program Head of Biological Sciences and Assistant Dean of VWCC Science, Math and Health Sciences Division. Dr. Schaubach has a background in cellular and molecular biology, and also teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Cell Biology.

Antoinette Pepin, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Pepin is currently Program Head of the Integrated Environmental Studies Program, and has a background in Wetlands Ecology. Dr. Pepin is an instructor of General Biology and Plant Life of Virginia in biological sciences and also instructs all Environmental Science Courses. Please refer to the Environmental Sciences website for more program information.

Virginia Garden, DVM, Professor

Dr. Garden has a background in Veterinary Medicine, and is an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology and General Biology.

Jeffrey Gillette, Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Gillette has a background in Toxicology and Medical Technology, and is an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, and Environmental Principles in Public Health, a course in the IES Program.

Amy White, M.S., Assistant Professor

Ms. White has a background in Microbiology, Immunology, and public health; and is an instructor of Microbiology, Immunology, Cell Biology and General Biology.

SM Faculty

(pictured: Nade Tamim, Amy White, Clay Nye, Amanda Anderson, Antoinette Pepin, Bryan Schaubach, Ellen Holtman, Jeff Gillette, Virginia Garden)