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Welcome to the School of Health Professions at Virginia Western Community College. We are pleased to have you join us and hope that this is a positive and rewarding experience for you. Each member of our faculty plays an important role to our students and the college. Whether you teach one class or many, you are an integral member of our community and very much appreciated.

This guide is intended to answer some of your questions on everything from parking and printing services to technology to campus policies. It should be used as a reference throughout the semester, not just at the beginning. However after reviewing this, if you find that you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask your fellow faculty members, program head, the division staff, or myself anything that would help you. No question is too small. We are here to help.

We are looking forward to working with you and hope that you have a great semester.

Academic Dishonesty and Student Conduct

Academic honesty and student conduct are taken seriously by Virginia Western. The policies and procedures for handling violations are found in the student handbook.

Academic Honesty

The division of natural science and mathematics asks that any instance of academic honesty violations are discussed with the dean. All faculty should have a statement about academic honesty on their syllabus for each class. When an incident occurs, the faculty member should meet with the dean, complete a Academic Dishonesty Report (forms are available in the division office), and speak with the student informing them that a report has been submitted and that there right to appeal is found in the student handbook. For the first incidence, the only punishment is the penalty assigned by the faculty (failure in the course, failure of the assignment, option to re-do the assignment). However, the report is filed in the Vice President's office. Should a second incidence occur, the student will be brought before the student discipline committee to determine sanctions. Regardless of how small the offence, a report should be submitted.

Student Conduct

The students at Virginia Western are adults and should behave as adults. You do not have to tolerate disruptive behavior in your classroom. If this occurs, first speak with the student outside of class about their behavior. If this warning is not effective, call them down in class. If this does not work, ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave, call Campus Police and have them escorted out.

For more serious infractions, such as those listed in the student handbook, please speak with the dean. Should it become necessary, the case will be turned over to the student discipline process outlined in the handbook.

Adjunct Orientation

An online orientation must be completed prior to the beginning of classes. Be sure to complete both the adjunct new hire orientation and the division's orientation. Click here to be directed to the orientation site. Please call the division office if you have any questions. You will be glad that you completed this process.

Campus Mail

You will be issued a campus mailbox. Please check this at least once a week. In addition to mail, student papers, and college information, we will use these boxes to distribute your contracts and important administrative paperwork (ex: No-Show and Withdrawal Rosters). When documents that are time sensitive are placed in your mailbox, an e-mail will be sent informing you of this.

If you wish to send information through campus mail, you may do so by placing the information in an inter-office envelope, and place in the mail bag in the HP Mail Room, 214B.

Faculty Office Hours

Fall and Spring Semester Requirements

Full-time Faculty - Should total 10 hours per week

  • 1 office hour will be granted for participation in the Activity Hour
  • 5 office hours will be face-to-face
    • Minimum of 3 days per week
    • Minimum of 30 minute increments
  • 1 office hour for e-mail correspondence
  • 3 office hours that will be flexible - i.e. virtual, face-to-face, or a combination

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty must keep one office hour per week for each class taught. The office hour may be split one half hour before class and one half hour after class.

Summer Semester Requirements for All Faculty:

  • For day classes, 1/2 hour per class per course meeting
  • For night classes, 1 hour prior to class per week
  • For distance classes, 1 hour per week

Faculty Schedule

Please provide your Division office a copy of your schedule. This schedule should include your office hours and class schedule (including room number). Office hours for full-time and adjunct faculty are to be posted outside their office doors.

Important Links

Information on a variety of topics can be found on the Faculty & Staff information page. This page includes the Adjunct Faculty Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, the VCCS Policy Manual, as well as other interesting and helpful information.

There are several items from the faculty handbook that you should take note of. They are the Consensual Relationship/Sexual Harassment policy and the Accommodating Students with Disabilities policy. Please take the time to read the expanded versions in the handbook.

In Case of Accidents/Incidents

Office & Classroom Keys

Each faculty office has a unique key. You will be issued a classroom key, along with office keys.

It is your responsibility to keep up with these keys. You may be charged for replacement keys in the event your keys are misplaced. Please keep your office door locked when you are not using it. Be sure to lock classrooms and/or lab rooms, and turn off all lights upon completion of your class.

DC1 keys should open the door to the printers and copiers in A 217A and A 314A.

Office Supplies

Pens, pencils, grade books, etc., are available from the Division Office. Do not hesitate to ask for what you need, but please use supplies wisely. Reuse and recycle when you can.

General office supplies (pens, pencils, chalk, sticky notes, staples, paperclips, cds, etc) are located in the Mail Room, HP214B. If you need any additional supplies, that are not found in the cabinets, please go to the Division Office.

If you have any supplies (file folders, notebooks, etc.) that you no longer need, please return them to the Division Office.

Printing, Copying & Test Scoring

Local Printing

For those with offices on the second floor, the printer is located in HP 217A. The DC1 key will open the door. The printer name is MP5002 on VWTSS38.

For those with offices on the third floor, the printer is located in HP 314A. You will need a DC1 key to open the door. The printer name is MP5002 on VWTSS38.


Instructors are encouraged to use Printing Services for their printing needs.

After hours, the copy machines in 217A and 314A are available.

Printing Services

Printing Services is available for duplication of your class handouts, tests, exams, etc., and you are encouraged to utilize this service rather than using the copiers. Please allow 48 hours turnaround for your duplicating requests, and you will need to retrieve your copies from Printing Services, located in Anderson Hall.

Instructors are asked to submit printing requests at least 48 hours in advance.

For more information, please refer to the Printing Services Instructions for Faculty. Click here to download the Printing Services Request Form.

Additionally, Print Services has available for instructors of the college a test scoring system. General Purpose NCS Answer Sheets, form no. 4521 are used to record the test key and student responses. Each test is limited to 200 questions, with five possible responses per question. Answers must be recorded by marking the appropriate response filled in with a no. 2 lead pencil. Click here for the Test Scoring User's Guide.


Each programs faculty meet to adopt textbooks. These book orders are given to the Division Office for electronic entry through edoptions.

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