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School of Health Professions :: Programs of Study

Phlebotomy :: Essential Functions

Essential Functions are the nonacademic requirements of the program that a student must be able to master to participate successfully in the profession.

  • Communication: Ability to interact with others in English, both verbally and in legible written form.
  • Hearing: Ability to gather information aurally or to adapt.
  • Interaction: Ability to interact with individuals or groups from a range of social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual backgrounds.
  • Mobility: Ability to move from room to room, and to maneuver in small spaces e.g. around instruments, between beds, benches, etc. Ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Motor skills: Ability to perform with gloved hands, the gross and fine motor skills to: turn dials; move switches; process specimens; assemble blood collection equipment; tie tourniquet; perform blood collection techniques in smooth motion.
  • Problem solving: Ability to make clinical judgments about patients, instruments and data.
  • Self-care: Ability to present a professional appearance as a representative of the laboratory, and maintain own health and safety on the job.
  • Olfaction: Sufficient olfactory sense to maintain patients' and environment safety.
  • Temperament: Ability to work in a high-stress work environment and interact with patients and other health care workers.
  • Vision: Ability to accurately perform and assess laboratory equipment and procedures and to assess patients.

Advising/Info Office

Location: Fralin Center HP339
Phone: 540-857-7306
Fax: 540-857-6640

Mailing address:
3091 Colonial Ave., SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Program Head

Jeffrey S. Gillette

A.A.S. - Monroe Community College, 1985
B.S. - Daemen College, 1987
M.S. - University of Rochester, 1993
Ph.D. - N.C. State University, 2000

College Catalog

School of Health Professions

Carole S. Graham, Dean
Administration & business contacts
Location: Fralin Center HP214C
Phone: 540-857-6717