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Taken from the Nursing Program By-laws

Section IV: Student Liaison Committee (meets a minimum of twice per regular academic semester)

The purpose of the Student Liaison Committee (SLC) is to provide a link to enhance communication between the nursing program students and the nursing program faculty. 

The tasks of the Student Liaison Committee (SLC) include:

  • Student representatives are responsible for bringing to the attention of nursing faculty and the Program Head issues or concerns voiced by their classmates.  (It is recommended that student representatives have periodic brief meetings at the ending of class, at least once per month, for this purpose.) 
  • SLC will discuss issues/concerns presented by the student representatives and develop recommendations as necessary for presentation to the nursing faculty
  • Faculty members and the Program Head are to ensure that student representatives are cognizant of college and program policies and procedures that impact on their issues/concerns and/or recommendations
  • Student representatives will be invited to attend at least 1 nursing faculty meeting per semester.

Membership: Nursing Program Head, two student representatives from each level, and one full time nursing faculty member.

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