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Nursing Program Policies

  1. It is required that students attend all classes, Nursing Skills Labs (NSL), clinical experiences and Radford University Clinical Simulation Center (RU CSC) as scheduled. Refer to course syllabi (and semester calenders) for further detail.
    1. Notify lecturing faculty if you are unable to attend lecture. See course calendar to determine who is lecturing at that class time.
    2. Doors will be locked at the start of class and no one will be admitted until break. You are responsible for any missed lecture material.
    3. Clinical attendance is required to meet objectives and pass the course in addition to satisfactory clinical paperwork and performance. If an absence does occur due to an unforeseen circumstance, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor, the facility and the Nursing Program Office (email is acceptable when notifying the program office) prior to the experience. Clinical absence may jeopardize your successful completion of the course. The Board of Nursing requires that graduates to have a minimum of 500 direct patient care clinical hours documented.
    4. Only a documented emergency absence will be accepted.
  2. Tests should be taken when scheduled. To be excused from a test, the student must talk with a faculty member or leave a message on voice mail prior to the test time. Unexcused absences from tests will result in a 10-point deduction on the test. This policy also applies if the student arrives late. Makeup tests will be scheduled at the instructor’s convenience and may be an alternate format (i.e. short answer, essay, etc.) than the original test. Verifiable documentation will be required for missed tests (i.e. doctor’s note, court summons, etc.).
  3. Students are also reminded of the honor code and their accountability in keeping all testing information confidential. It is a violation of the honor code to give, receive, offer, and/or solicit information regarding a test. If an exception is made to allow a student to take any test separate from the remainder of their class the student will be required to sign a Student Test Pledge Form, if the student breaks the pledge consequences may include expulsion from the nursing program.
  4. No children, visitors or pets are allowed in class, NSL, or clinical areas at any time.
  5. All disruptive electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, iPods) must be silenced during class and tests. No earpieces attached to electronic devices (other than a hearing aid) are to be worn during class or tests.
  6. There are to be no electronic devices in the clinical area. This includes cell phones, pagers, laptops, jump drives, tablets, e-readers, cameras and any other electronic devices.
  7. Each student will receive classroom, NSL, clinical instruction, and guidelines for standard precautions. All students are expected to maintain clinical safety and seek faculty guidance if questions arise.
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