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Guidelines for Safe Handling of Supplies and Equipment in the Nursing Skills Lab

The student will:

  1. Follow instructions for all lab activities.
  2. Use aseptic technique when handling all injection supplies and equipment.
  3. Remove needle cover from needle attached to disposable plastic syringe by first loosening and then pulling the cover off straight.
  4. Place used syringes, needles, and angiocaths in the designated sharps containers. Do not recap unsterile needles after use in the Nursing Skills Lab.
  5. Use an alcohol prep pad or paper towel to protect your hand from cuts when opening a glass ampule; then, break off the top of the ampule away from yourself.
  6. Not use betadine products or sterile lubricants on the patient simulators or manikins.
  7. Not ingest, apply, or inject the contents of any medication samples in the NSL.  Medication samples on the drug cart are for demonstration purposes only. All containers are either empty or contain water only. There are no actual medications in the NSL.
  8. Use standard precautions to perform blood glucose checks on self or on a peer.
  9. Follow professional and ethical responsibilities with regard to syringes, needles, ampules, and vials.
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