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Nursing Skills Laboratory (NSL) Policy

The Nursing Skills Lab (NSL) offers students "hands-on" experience. NSL consists of demonstrations, discussions, and practice time. Practice skills, which escalate in complexity throughout the students' course of study, are integrated with course content and are designed to meet clinical requirements. Attendance for the allotted time period is required of all students as a part of clinical preparation. It is necessary to be present at the designated time for lab to meet clinical objectives for the week and the course.

Any NSL missed must be made up by appointment with the NSL instructor in a timely manner. Failure to satisfactorily complete NSL requirements results in an Incomplete (I) for the semester. Any Incomplete (I) assignments must be completed by the beginning of the next semester or the final grade is changed to an F. Students with an Incomplete cannot advance into the next semester of the program or graduate.
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