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Course Failure

  1. A student failing to attain a grade of "C" or better in a core nursing course (NUR 121; 122; 238; 239) may repeat one core nursing course. If student fails to obtain grade of "C" or better in more than one core nursing course throughout the program they will be dismissed from the program.
  2. Student must complete the Nursing Program within a three year timespan, or they may be required to reapply to start over.
  3. Students must apply for readmission to the Nursing Program Head, within two (2) weeks of the course grade posting.
  4. A student who has been dropped from the program because of a failing grade in a Natural Science course may apply for readmission after the course has been completed successfully (C or better.)
  5. Due to the changing nature of the health care delivery system, nursing courses two (2) years or older must be repeated.
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