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Estimated Cost

This is only an estimate of some expenses associated once a student is accepted into the transition program and may not be limited to the items listed. The estimated (in-state) tuition cost provided is only for the nursing credits completed once accepted into the summer transition. Tuition estimate does NOT include credit hours for any of the required general education courses. A student who has not taken all the general education requirements prior to summer (such as SDV100, ENG111, PSY230, Humanities Elective) must complete those prior to graduation; therefore, they will incur additional tuition costs during the transition based on any additional credit hours enrolled in. Estimate does not include any expenses for the prerequisite courses (such as Algebra I, Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II, General Microbiology, Dosage & Calculations) or any developmental courses identified by placement test. Prior completion of prerequisite and general education courses vary with each applicant. A full evaluation of the application material (including placement testing) can assist the applicant to determine what classes will be needed.

The VWCC nursing program is required to have specific medical documentation on each student in our program before they may participate in clinical assignments. This includes but is not limited to a physical exam, PPD, Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox and MMR titers. Any expenses incurred to complete or update these will be the responsibility of the student. No estimate is given in the table provided as necessity cannot be pre- determined for these items and will vary by individual. Current Healthcare Provider CPR is also required.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to make application to the Board of Nursing to take the licensing exam (NCLEX-RN). Fees for application and exam are applicant responsibility. Application information is discussed near the end of the program. The college (VWCC) does not guarantee job placement upon completion of the program.

Tuition is estimated in the table below based off the following criteria. For more accurate information please visit the tuition rates and fees.

(Tuition rates below are as of Fall 2015 and subject to change.)

Estimated In-State Tuition: $157.09 per credit hour
Estimated Out-Of-State Tuition: $351.69 per credit hour

Tuition (In-state) $1,570.90 $3,613.07 $5,183.97
Nursing Textbooks 1,400.00 400.00 1,800.00
Learning System fee 132.00 263.00 395.00
Clinical Supplies Kit 200.00   200.00
Background Check/Urine-Drug Test 85.00   85.00
Uniforms/Lab coat/Shoes, VWCC Uniform Patches 200.00 200.00
Nursing School Pin (Based on selection-$50 and up)   50.00 50.00
TOTAL $3,587.90 $4,326.07 $7,913.97
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