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Dental Hygiene

When To Apply

Applications for the 2016 Roanoke Class are being accepted now and must be completed no later than February 15, 2016. The 2015 class is already filled.

Applications for the 2016 Joint Venture at LFCC are also being accepted now and must be completed no later than February 15, 2016. A class at DCC is accepted biennially in odd numbered years. All applications are processed by Miss Woody at VWCC, regardless of which site you will be considered for.

Applying Early

By applying early to VWCC and submitting your high school/GED records and all college transcripts, Pam Woody (Advisor) will be able to help you with future course selections. She will notify you of any prerequisite requirements you have not met and provide advising on how to meet those requirements, as well as selecting courses that can be utilized to increase the cumulative GPA by the end of the Fall semester. Current enrollment in missing prerequisites is not required to apply early, but they must all be completed by the end of Spring 2016 to be considered for Roanoke or LFCC for fall 2016. You would also be kept informed of any changes in the curriculum that might affect your future course selections.

How To Apply

We require all application material(s) be submitted directly to Health Professions - if you fail to do so, be aware we will not be responsible for any delays in processing your file. Complete the following and submit in one envelope to Pam Woody, VWCC - Health Professions, 3091 Colonial Ave., Roanoke, VA 24015.

  • Apply to the college by completing a VWCC Application, if not currently attending. You are encouraged to complete the application on-line by logging in at Please make sure you indicate your plan of study as Dental Hygiene/Pre-Admit (curricular/credit classes) on the college application. (LFCC applicants must also complete their college's application prior to February 15th , please contact their Admissions Office or visit their website for guidance.)
  • Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program by completing a 2016 Dental Hygiene Application Form.
  • Have all official sealed transcripts (high school and college) and a copy of GED scores (if applicable). We strongly suggest applicant's to request transcripts be sent to the applicant's mailing address, so you are fully aware of whether your request is filled and all material can be placed by you in one larger envelope for submission. Remember, do not open any envelope which contains a transcript, they are no longer "official" to us when you open. Transcripts must be received by Miss Woody by Feb. 15, 2016.

    If any school refuses to issue "official" transcripts directly to student, please request they be sent addressed directly to Pam Woody at the address above. Please do not request transcripts from VWCC or any other community college in Virginia. Transcripts must include Continuing Education courses. HS transcripts are required even if you are a college graduate. GED holders must also submit official high school transcripts if completed at least through the 9th grade. If you were home-schooled a detailed academic curriculum report showing completion by the school administrator is required (including a statement indicating if a lab component was completed for Biology and Chemistry).

    Transcript Request Form (PDF)
  • You are strongly encouraged to submit the (2) required recommendation letters and evaluation forms with the above application material, but no later than 2/15/16. A separate recommendation letter (typed or handwritten) in their own words must be included with forms. Forms must be completed again if you are reapplying from a previous year.

    Roanoke and LFCC applicants will be given TEAS instructions by late February if all the material was received by 2/15/16 and if Miss Woody determines the applicant meets the minimum criteria and will be considered by the committee. Roanoke applicants will be tested by Miss Woody, you will receive specific instructions on how to pay and schedule. If any applicant for either site has not received their TEAS notification/instructions by March 1st, they should contact Miss Woody immediately.
  • When possible, material being hand-delivered to campus should be brought to Pam Woody directly in CSHP Room 339 (Health Professions office is usually accessible from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) The Dental Hygiene advising form letter is mailed after your complete academic file is reviewed by the Advisor (usually within 3-4 weeks if received from May - December). It is the applicant's responsibility to request their own transcripts and pay any required fees. Faxed transcripts are not considered "official" for application. You can review the Dental Hygiene Overview (PDF) to learn more about the application process and eligibility. (Usually updated in June.)
  • Complete the Dental Hygiene checklist (PDF).
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