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Water & Wastewater Technology

Career Studies Certificate

The Water and WasteWater Technology Career Studies Certificate prepares students to become water or wastewater plant operators in municipal and industrial treatment facilities and laboratories.

Water treatment plant operators treat water so that it is safe to drink. Wastewater treatment plant and system operators remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial liquid waste so that it is safe to return to the environment. Operators in both types of plants control equipment and processes that remove or destroy harmful materials, chemical compounds and microorganisms from the water. They also control pumps, valves and other equipment that moves the water or wastewater through the various treatment processes, after which they dispose of the removed waste.

One of the greatest rewards is the knowledge that you are protecting public health and the environment while providing a valuable service to your community.

Operator Licensure

Operators must pass an examination certifying that they are capable of overseeing water/wastewater plant operations. There are different levels of certification, depending on the operator's experience and training.

Both Water and Waste Water operators are licensed by experience and education by the Virginia Board for Waterworks and Wastewater Works Operators through the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

Please visit the DPOR website at: for additional information.

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