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Health Information Management


HIM: Electronic Medical Records Management (Certificate)

Records management professionals are an integral part of any medical facility. This certificate is designed to prepare personnel to perform essential medical office management functions.

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HIM: Health Records Coding (Career Studies Certificate)

The medical coding profession is experiencing high demand as coding positions are increasing across the nation. This growing program is designed to provide the technical knowledge and practical experience needed for employment as a health records coding technician. These technicians analyze and interpret a patient's record to determine the proper standardized code that represents the patient's diagnosis and treatment which is used mainly for billing purposes. Coders are a very important part of the medical office team.

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HIM: Medical Office Specialist (Career Studies Certificate)

Positions in medical offices are plentiful across the nation. This career studies certificate is designed to prepare personnel to perform a variety of medical office functions. Examples include scheduling of appointments, maintaining health records, coding clinical data, completing health insurance forms, and carrying out billing and collections functions.

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Program Head

Tracy Harmon
Associate Professor, Administrative Support Technology
540-857-6221 | Business Science 325

B.S. - Radford University, 1985
M.S. - Radford University, 1990

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