August -
December 2012
Preliminary Planning
Planning process completed
January -
April 2013
Data Gathering and Analysis
Conduct an internal and external environmental scan.
May -
August 2013
Review and Update Strategic Goals
A Planning Summit will be held to review and refine strategic initiatives and strategies, including a SWOT analysis.
August -
December 2013
Completion of the 2015 Strategic Plan
The Steering Team will provide assistance to complete the Plan for presentation to the Local Board and making final decisions about the Plan's content and sequencing of work. Subsequent annual budgets will be a fiscal expression of the Plan.
On-going Communication, Evaluation
Evaluation and communication will be carried out at each phase of the planning process and throughout the execution of the Plan during 2014-2015 using the Plan-DO-Check-Act Model.

Division of Institutional Advancement, Office of Grants Development and Special Projects