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I-42: Repeating a Course

Policy Number: I-42
Last Reviewed: March 18, 2014
Responsible Dept.: Coordinator of Enrollment Services

Policy Document (PDF)

A student is limited to two enrollments in a credit course unless the course is designated as repeatable for credit or is General Usage course. General Usage courses are defined as those with the following catalog numbers:

  • 90, 190, 290
  • 93, 193, 293
  • 95, 195, 295
  • 96, 196, 296
  • 97, 197, 297

Exceptions to this policy can be made on a student-by-student basis. Students wishing to request a third attempt in a credit course must submit a Third Repeat Request Form. If approved, completion of the course via eLearning is prohibited unless the course is not offered in any other instructional format.

"W" and "I" grades are included when counting the number of course attempts.

Quarter credit courses completed prior to the semester system conversion in summer 1988 are not subject to this course repeat policy.

All grades earned for all courses taken are indicated on the student's permanent record. However, only the last grade earned in a repeated course is used in cumulative grade point average (GPA) calculations and for satisfying curricular requirements.

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