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I-12: General Admissions Policy

Policy Number: I-12
Last Reviewed: January 14, 2014
Responsible Dept.: Dean of Student Services

Policy Document (PDF)

In accordance with VCCS Policy 6.0.1, individuals are eligible for admission to Virginia Western Community College if they are high school graduates or the equivalent, or if they are eighteen years of age or older and able to benefit academically from study at the community college, as demonstrated by assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics. Minimum scores are noted in the chart below:

General Admissions Chart 1

Students who fail to meet these criteria in reading, writing, and mathematics, regardless of high school diploma, will only be permitted to enroll in non-credit classes. Virginia Western reserves the right to require placement testing for any individual seeking to enroll in credit classes.

Virginia Western reserves the right to evaluate and document special cases and to refuse or revoke admission if the college determines that the applicant or student poses a threat, is a potential danger, is significantly disruptive to the college community, or if such refusal or revocation is considered to be in the best interest of the college. Virginia Western also reserves the right to refuse admission for applicants that have been expelled or suspended from, or determined to be a threat, potential danger, or significantly disruptive by, another college. Students whose admission is revoked after enrollment would be given due process through the college's Care Team committee.

Admission to Virginia Western does not guarantee admission to a particular curriculum. Individuals may be admitted as curricular or non-curricular students.

For all non-curricular students, a completed official application is required with social security number requested. Non-curricular students must satisfy all required course prerequisites and placement testing requirements before enrolling in specific college-level courses.

For all curricular students, a completed official application is required with social security number requested. Curricular students who have attended another college or university (other Virginia community colleges are not required) must submit an official transcript for evaluation. Curricular students seeking admission into a restricted program are required to submit official high school transcripts, copy of GED scores (if applicable), and official transcripts from all colleges attended (Virginia Western and other Virginia community colleges are not required).

12.0.1 Dual Enrollment (High School and Home School) Student Admissions

Although high school and home school students are not normally qualified for general admission, Virginia Western offers admission to those students who meet additional criteria. Dual enrollment is restricted to high school juniors and seniors and home school students studying at the high school junior or senior levels. Home school students must also provide a copy of a home school agreement approved by the school district, or a letter from the local school board, or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring home school for religious exemption. Documentation of parental permission is required for all dual enrollment students.

Because admitting freshman and sophomores is considered exceptional, the college ready status of each prospective freshman and sophomore student will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Formal approval by the college president or his designee is required for admitting freshman and sophomores. This approval is sought by completing the Request for Special Circumstances Admission Form. Other conditions, as deemed appropriate by the college president and/or the dean, may also apply.

All students admitted under this section must demonstrate readiness for college by meeting the criteria below. Students enrolling in a dual enrollment course must meet all course prerequisites.

Admission Criteria for Transfer Courses*
General Admissions Chart 2

Admission for CTE Courses*
General Admissions Chart 3

*Please see the Dual Enrollment Placement and Prerequisite Guide for additional information.


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